With an adequate fleet and 10 bus lines, the urban KTEL of Patras covers the entire city and its region divided into 2 zones A’ and B’. Information you will find for :

  • Address: 9 Agiou Andreou, 262 23 Patras
  • Phone: +30 2610 273936
  • Website

Αστικό ΚΤΕΛ Πάτρας

In general, the urban KTEL of Patras covers a considerable range of distances inside and outside the city. The fleet is blue colored and the entrance is only from the front door. Make sure you always have a ticket with you for validation because the on-site purchase from the driver will cost you more expensive.

Recently, in an effort to upgrade its services, an application was developed, Πάτρα Bus, which enables the search for real-time information on the routes and operation of city buses developed by Developing Municipal Enterprises of Patras in collaboration with Patras Urban Transport. Find it on its official page Urban Buses of Patras (KTEL) and download it.


In recent years, with the help of technology, the upgrading of services, specifically telematics, has made it possible to update information about stops, lines and times live. You can see in real time all the route information of the City Bus of Patras.

Buscards, pre-paid or monthly ticket cards are easily issued with an ID-type photo and your presence in person (showing ID) at the offices of ASTIKOU KTEL PATRAS in the city center. You can easily view your card balance online.

In the summer months, itineraries are added or configured accordingly that serve routes to and from beaches and summer destinations. Stay updated!

Bus Lines

LINE No. 1 : Eglikada – Diakou (Lykochoros) – Romanou – Elekistra
LINE No. 2: Taraboura – T.E.I. – New Road
LINE No. 3: Zarouhleika – Lefka
LINE No. 4: Aroi
LINE No. 5: Tsoukaleika – Monodendri – Mindilogli
LINE No. 6: University – Hospital – Rio – Ag. Vassilios – Suburb – Kastellokambos – Ano Kastritsi
LINE No. 7: Begoulaki – Parking Perivola – Souli – Saravali – Fountain
LINE No. 8: Obrya – Demenika – Kallithea – Thea – Prophet Ilias
LINE No. 9: University – Hospital through Ellinos Stratiotou st.
LINE No. 11: Port – Parking Terpsitheas

With details here: Routes