Agyia beach

In the area of the old polo swimming pool, near the swamp of Agyia, going for a few kilometers to the north-east, you will find an area with intense sports activity such as walking, running, cycling. You will also find an earthen circuit and during the summer months beach volleyball courts and a racquetball court. Enjoy the hours of sunset all the way to the beach with a stop at one of the cafes in the marina.

South park

Νότιο πάρκο, Πάτρα

The South Park of Patras is a new open free space with large areas with grass, playground and open gym. It covers the sea front from the lighthouse at the height of Agios Andreas Church to the new commercial and passenger port, an ideal place for walking, running, cycling. In the park you will also find a small free cycle track Pumptrack, built by the Municipality with the help of the Patras Mountain Cycling Club “Erymanthios Kafros”.

University Gym

In Rio, at the top part of the campus you will find an open-air complex of the University Gym, with a 400m circuit and facilities for classic sports, tennis and basketball. In the same area there is an indoor gym with locker rooms and a indoor court for basketball or volleyball.

Pampeloponnisiako National Sports Center of Patras (PEAK Patras)

ΠΕΑΚ, Παμπελοποννησιακό Στάδιο Κουκούλι

It is a set of sports facilities owned by the Greek State and managed by the Municipality of Patras. These are the following facilities:

  • Pampeloponnisiako Stadium, with a capacity of 25,500 seats. In 2004, the Olympic soccer games of men and women were held, while friendly matches of the National and other teams are often hosted. It is also used for classic sports as it meets international standards.
  • Closed Pampeloponnisiako National Stadium of Patras. It is used by various teams in Patras mainly for basketball, volleyball and handball.
  • National Swimming Pool “Antonios Pepanos”. It is a modern sports complex that can host top water sports events. IS also used as a training center.
  • National Indoor Gym “Dimitrios Tofalos”, capacity: 4,150 seats. It is located in the area of ​​Bozaitika and is considered Palais De Sport. It was built in 1995 and is one of the three similar indoor stadiums together with the one in Peristeri, Attica and Larissa. In the past it has been the headquarters of basketball teams such as Apollon and Prometheus and has also hosted many important events in various sports such as Men Basketball, Junior Basketball, Women’s Eurobasket, Greek Cup Final-4 and All-Star Games, Volleyball, Pan-European Olympic tournament and many games for the organization of the World League, Gymnastics, European Rhythmic Championship, Wrestling, Greco-Roman World Championship.
  • Phone:
    “D.Tofalos” +30 2610 456131
    “A.Pepanos” +30 2610 643903
  • Website