The Peloponnese is the largest peninsula in Greece and is connected to Central Greece via the Isthmus of Corinth and the Rio-Antirio bridge. Its largest city is Patras which is the best starting point for a tour/roadtrip that will leave you with the best impressions. Its area is 21,439 square kilometers, is a historical cradle of Hellenism and has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Due to size and variety, many routes are offered for all tastes. Below we describe a series of sites worth visiting giving only a small sample of the options offered. Ideal period for this experience is September-October but also springtime, where the temperature is ideal and tourism traffic is mild. The surprise of a storm will cool you down pleasantly and will change the beauty of the landscapes. Starting from Patras and depending on your plans and moods, visit national park of Strofylia and why not a swim on the beach of Kalogria. The western Peloponnese is more or less a continuous sandy beach to its southern part where the landscape changes. Continuing further south you will meet Ancient Olympia, archeological site with undeniable wealth and interest. River and waterfalls of Neda have a special natural beauty and it is a good opportunity for gentle hiking and why not a cool swim. In a close distance you can visit the temple of  Epikourios Apollon, an impressive ancient building, created by Iktinos around the 5th century BC.

Βοϊδοκοιλιά ΜεσσηνίαThe Navarino bay with the beautiful city of Pylos and the famous beach of  Voidokilia worth your attention. The prefecture of Messinia, with its capital Kalamata, gathers many natural beauties, picturesque villages and small towns, beaches and ports. The trio Methoni, Finikounda, Koroni offer an unforgettable vacation

Λιμένι Μάνη

Along the coast, you can continue to Messiniaki Mani and then via Kardamili and Stoupa to Lakoniki Mani. Alternatively, passing through  mount Taygetos you can reach the city of Sparti and then descend to the middle foot of the Peloponnese and small cities of Areopolis, Gerolimena, Oitilo, Limeni, the lighthouse at the mythical Cape Tainaro and the cave of Diros τον lighthouse at the mythical Cape Tainaro Ταίναρο and the Cave of Diros. In Mani two elements prevail:  stone and sun. Wild beauty combined with local cuisine, destinations and landscapes that can keep you entertained for as long as you wish.


In the third leg of the Peloponnese, beauty is hidden on the edge! Pick Elafonisos, you are in the mood for swimming, and Monevasia are the places you should visit without a second thought. Going up, enjoy the route to the north by making a detour to mountainous Arcadia and the villages of Dimitsana and Stemnitsa. Then make a stop in Nafplio  the historic city with its many attractions and dining and entertainment options. From there reach up to archeological site of  Mychenae and the Asclepeion with the ancient theater of Epidaurus. If you are lucky and be there on performance/theatrical play of the International Festival of Athens-Epidaurus, do not miss it! On the east side, round the Saronic Gulf, you are given choices of islands at a very short distance from the Peloponnese such as Spetses, Hydra, Poros. Before you get to Korinthos, try a wine tour in Nemea with dozens of vineyards and wineries and end up at Isthmos (canal) of Korinthos. Also Akrokorinthos and the museum of Ancient Korinthos is another stop with great interest. In the northern part of the Peloponnese, the entire coast, with the old highway crossing many small villages, is an option that will take you back to Patras through a beautiful route by the sea. At the height of the Diakopto, you are given the option to follow the mountain route to Kalavrita and meet the odontotos rack Railway. Alternatively, choose the passage from mountainous Arcadia to the mountains of Achaia passing through caves of the Lakes and the Mega Spilaio Monastery.


The Peloponnese offers countless beauties either in its coastal part or in the mountains. An excursion adventure will leave you satisfied at all levels of aesthetics, choices and gastronomy. Natural landscapes, archeological sites, cities and villages change very quickly, giving the feeling of a journey through time. The tour of the Peloponnese is unquestionably ranked among the top travel destinations in Greece and the Mediterranean.