Beaches close to Patras – Sea escapes

Calma Water Park

Calma water park Δρέπανο, Πάτρα

Calma Water Park is a water park with many fun options for summer. Located 20 minutes from the city center by car, it features water slides, swimming pools and restaurants. Easy parking, security services, locker rooms and organized beach in the waters of Patras just in front of the park complete the best choice for relaxation and play, daily from morning to night.


παραλία Καλόγρια, ΠάτραEndless sandy beach with small dunes and dunes in the landscape, with warm and clear waters ideal for day trips. To the right of the beach there is a sandy slope that challenges you to climb it and also to play in its descent. Along the beach you will find several canteens fully equipped with food, ice cream, soft drinks, cocktails, etc., umbrellas and sunbeds and in some cases loud and relaxing music. You will easily find free points if you prefer peace and freedom. There are also water sports businesses and the hotel Kalogria Beach hotel  but also several room options within walking distance. The beach is bordered by the unique beauty and protected by the Ramsar Convention and the Natura Network, a national park, Strofylia national park area of 22,000 acres which you will cross as you approach the sea.


Παραλία Γιαννισκάρι, Πάτρα

It is a beautiful bay with a sandy beach, crystal clear waters and lush forest to complete the landscape. Probably the most beautiful beach of the Prefecture of Achaia. The route is not always easy as the dirt road is uneven and quite steep. The view from above will provoke your senses and the beach itself will compensate you. There is a canteen where you will find the essentials as well as limited umbrellas and sunbeds..


Lakopetra beach is defined as an area with a coastline that extends from Alykes of Kato Achaia to Araxos. Along the entire length there are several luxury hotels which you can visit and use their facilities on the beach usually making some consumption in the restaurants/bars they have. Between the hotels, the beach is free, unorganized and the roads leading there pass between fields and houses, without any signage. Feel free to take any road that leads to the sea, most likely you will end up on a beach without any visitors. If you choose these places, remember to arrive organized with beach equipment and food, snacks, water, etc.

Kato Achaia

Παραλία Λακόπετρας

This is a beach with sandy beach and clear waters. Its characteristic is the beach bars that with organized beach, bars, restaurants and beach volleyball courts, rackets etc will keep you from morning with coffee until night with music and sometimes some live music.



Ηλιοβασίλεμα στην πλαζ, ΠάτραThe nearest organized beach of the city. These are former camping facilities of the Hellenic Tourism Organization and today, they are exploited by the Municipality of Patras. The first part of the beach is free and in some places you will find canteens and showers. The second part is organized with cafe, restaurant and many places for activities such as Beach Volley, Rackets, Football, Sunbathing, Cycling, Playground, Basketball, Jogging, Water Sports, Canoe, Water Ski, Jet Ski. It is a place for all ages and you can reach by all means, cars with easy parking, city bus, taxi, bike, even on foot.


Beach with clear waters, pebbles and sand in a residential area. The all day cafe bars and restaurants will cover you in any need with sunbeds and umbrellas, food, snacks, soft drinks and beverages.

Rio Kastro

A corner beach, on the outside of the Castle in Rio. The direction of the air and the waves of the sea will not bother you because walking a few meters you choose the windless side. The beach has stones and the waters are deep, cool and very clear. Beware of sea currents which are sometimes strong enough to tire you away. The area does not have stores for any purchase so make sure you are well organized with the essentials. On both sides you have a view of the bridge and the ferries that cross the ferry.


Παραλία Δημορηγόπουλου

Cafes and restaurants are located at the top of the beach. Dimorigopoulos beach is the side where you will meet several locals and options for all tastes. As you continue east the beach and shops continue giving even more options.





Agios Vasilios

Παραλία Αγιος Βασίλειος Πάτρα

It is in essence the continuation of the settlement of Aktaio. The beach of Agios Vassilios is very popular especially at a young age. Organized beach with several cafe-bars and dining options. Deep, cool and clear waters are the characteristics of the sea. You will find showers, sunbeds and free space on the beach. Parking might be tight or rush hours.

Psathopyrgos, Rodini


This is a very beautiful bay that faces the two villages of Rodini and Psathopyrgos. It gives the options of either the east or the west side to choose the windless coast. The sea is clear, with deep crystal clear waters. Throughout the length you will find showers and shops for essentials. On the side of Psathopyrgos you will find cafes, taverns and restaurants while access to the sea is from piers and steps to the concrete parapet of the port and there is a place with beach and access to the sea between traditional fishing boats. In Rodini, you will find a free beach with stones and then shops that will serve you with coffee, drink, food and music.



Summer swimming in Patras

Along the entire coastline of the Gulf of Patras, from the city center to Aigio but also from the west side to Kato Achaia, apart from the points with the well-known organized and non-organized beaches, there are many beach bars, open from early in the morning with coffee until late at night with drinks, cocktails and music. These are shops that operate during the summer season and offer all the necessary facilities to enjoy an entire day by the sea. In addition to the consistent values ​​of these businesses, you should ask, find out, discuss and follow on social media to learn about the new summer trends.