Down town walk

Patras combines pedestrian streets, sea front, picturesque neighborhoods and cozy corners, grove and a wonderful sunset. The city center has all kinds of shops combined with numerous cafes and restaurants located around its squares and pedestrian streets. Including distances up to 2-3 km from the center, we compose the following suggestions for thematic tours:

City center and old port

Άποψη από λιμάνι ΠάτραThe free walk in the center from Kolokotroni Street to Gounari and from Ypsilantou to Othonos Amalias. Points of interest are Vasileos Georgiou Square with its 2 fountains and the Apollo Theater, Olgas Square with its tall trees, Trion Symachon Square with its floral clock, the pedestrian street of Riga Fereou and Pantanassis, the old market of Markato located in the uphills of Ermou st with traditional craftsmen and ouzo-tsipouro restaurants in Kapodistriou square and finally in the extension of Agios Nikolaou st. the sea on the pier overlooking the sunset and the Gulf of Patras.

Light house and South park

Νότιο πάρκο, φάρος, Πάτρα

On the sea front and for an aprox. legth of 3 km extends a large park that starts from the lighthouse (at the height of the Trion Navarchon) to the new port. Ideal area for walking-running-cycling or a pet walk that can start or end on the pier of Agiou Nikolaou near the sea. In the area of the light house there is a cafeteria, a playground and open play area for children. In the south park there is also a modern playground and open green spaces for all ages.


Δασύλιο Πάτρα

The grove is a “source” of green for Patras. You can reach on foot, by bicycle or other vehicle and you will find relaxation areas and two cobblestone paths in the pine forest. There is also a coffee or snack area where you can enjoy the view of the city and the Gulf of Patras and the wonderful sunset. Visitors choose to walk in nature or mountain bike by creating free trails in the forest.

Vlatero – Gouva

Βόλτα στο δασύλιο Πάτρας

These are two of the oldest neighborhoods of the city with special picturesqueness, one or two flour buildings, small houses with traditional courtyards, narrow streets and squares. These are places where in the summer afternoon you will meet local residents sitting and chatting right outside their homes and young children playing until dusk outside in the open space. These two neighborhoods are connected by a sidewalk and stairs through the grove and compose a wonderful route through time and nature

Psila Alonia – Trion Navarchon – Light House

Πλατεία Υψηλών Αλωνίων ΠάτραThe square of Psila Alonia is a historical square of Patras, both for its essential history but also for the fact that if you ask today a man 50-70 years old he will tell you about his own experiences in the wider area when he was young . It is one of the largest squares in Greece and today one of the most beautiful and densely populated areas with intense lifestyle, playground, rest and walking areas and many coffees houses and restaurants. Of interest is a brief visit to the clock which uses sunlight from 1953 at the bottom part of the square.


Τριών Ναυάρχων Πάτρα

At the edge of the square you can find the stairs of Trion Navarchon and from there begins a pedestrian street that ends at the sea and the lighthouse. On the pedestrian street of Trion Navarchon you will find quality restaurants, taverns, pizzerias but also cafes and bars. Especially during the spring, summer and autumn months, the sidewalk fills tables and people enjoy the flowers and coolness from the orange groves along the road to the sea while laughter and squeaks of children playing are heard. At the end of the road, and after crossing Othonos Amalias, you will find yourself in the park of Faros (Light House) and a large playground, open spaces for play and the business with the same name with coffee, drinks, appetizers. From the lighthouse, you can move to the South Park or from the other side to the pier of Agiou Nikolaou and the city center. Also very close is the church of Agios Andreas and VESO MARE with stores, cafes and movie theaters.

Marina dock

μαρίνα βράδυ, Πάτρα

In the northern area of ​​the port is the marina dock. It hosts many small boats and infrastructure for their care but also a lot of people who visit the area for a walk, coffee, drink or food. From the small theater with the homonymous all day cafe snack bar up until the beach of Agyia, you can enjoy a beautiful beach walk passing through parks. During this walk you will meet many cyclists, joggers, runners, or people who walk alone or with their pets. Lots of choices also in  hotels, fish taverns, restaurants and cafes especially close to the marina dock.  The sunset will amaze you seeing the sun diving in the Ionian waters and the orange color dominating the horizon.



Marsh of Agyia

It is only five kilometers from the center, towards the Rio district, and is the only piece of wilderness.

In the ecosystem of the wetland, marsh of Agiya, there are constant up to 50 points of water fed by underground water. It has a total area of 225 acres, of which 139 acres is its water surface and the other 86 acres is the perimeter area that has been landscaped and planted. It is located between the mouths of two streams, west of the Panachai mountain, while the coastline forms the beach of Agyia.
The wetland has been registered as a remarkable wetland by the Hellenic Center for Wetland Habitats and plays an important role for the smooth and balanced functioning of nature in the area of Agyia and more broadly in the city of Patras.

In the structural configuration of 2022, a footbridge was built to allow visitors to access the marsh, paths for walking and sports were created, biodiversity observation and recreation equipment were installed, and the area and paths were lit. In combination with the beach of Agyia and the under construction area of the swimming pool and its surrounding area with open sports areas, it is defined as one of the most powerful sports and entertainment centers of Patras and the whole of Achaia.

Marsh of Agyia3