Open Mall

In the square formed from Aratou Street to Gounari and from Ypsilantou to Othonos Amalias you will find everything. It is the commercial center of the city that surrounds 5 squares, several pedestrian streets, all kinds of shops and restaurants, so-called open mall that operates under the auspices of the Patras Trade and Import Association.

In a few hours you can enjoy quality retail shopping in hundreds of stores. The walk through the shop area of the city in combination with coffee, food or drink are worth your time as you will find the top brands either from big chains or local stores that do not stop surprising consumers with offers and new deliveries.

The discount periods and the holidays are really the best opportunity for shopping. Shops remain closed based on the decisions of the trade association, on Sundays and public holidays. There are cases that are defined differently, such as traditionally the last Sunday before Christmas and the last Sunday of the year, as well as some Sundays that are chosen based on ministerial decisions. At noon around 14.30-17.30, normally local retail shops are closed, as well as every Monday and Wednesday afternoon. This habit gives time for rest to the employees but also to the city itself when the the traffic drops.

Πλατεία Γεωργίου Πάτρα

Contact with Commercial and Import Association of Patras

Patra Mall

In the area of Perivola, a modern shopping area has been created that brings together shops, services and various events. Free parking and connection to the city bus is provided.