Patras Clubs


Παναχαϊκή γυμναστική ένωσηPanachaikos Sport Association was founded in 1891 in Patras with the subject of gymnastics, classical sports, swimming and rowing, cycling and shooting. In 1894, after a dispute, a split took place, in 1899 a football division was created from one side and in 1923 they were reunited under the name Panachaiki Gymnastics Union. The well-known football team officially finds its headquarters in 1934 with the largest sport stadium until then and in 1974 it takes its final form with the installation of grass. Panachaiki created several sports departments and academies with significant success.


Προμηθέας Πάτρας

The basketball team of Prometheas participated for the first time in the championship in 1986. Since 2006 and the C ESKA league with continuous conquests of high scoring positions, it has been constantly rising in categories and since 2016 in the A1 National League. The club also has an academy with more than 500 children and training classes for teenagers, children and minis. Along with basketball, Prometheas is also active in table tennis and chess. Since September 2018, it has a state-of-the-art training center in Kastellokampos, Patras.


Απόλλων Πάτρας

Apollon Club of Patras was founded in 1926 as a football club and after 1967 with the law of merger of clubs during the dictatorship, the club managed to maintain the basketball team. In the period 1956-60 the team was constantly growing, with constant success starting in professional basketball. It has maintained since 1999 a privately owned indoor basketball court in Perivola, Patras with a capacity of 3,500 people and open fields behind the Hospital of Agios Andreas for training, camp and the academy. Apollon club also maintains the Apolloniada youth team, its academy as well as a team of women and men in volleyball.


Ε.Α.Π Ένωση Αθλοπαιδιών ΠατρώνThe Patras Athletic Association was founded in 1927 with men volleyball and basketball departments and the following year, pioneering women divisions respectively. Today it has additional sections of boxing, chess, table tennis and zumba. The club is active in the field of sports with great successes mainly in volleyball and with academies, camps and children’s departments with the aim of their joy, their athletic development, the cultivation of their mutual respect, teamwork and self-confidence.


Ναυτικός Όμιλος Πατρών, ΝΟΠ

The Patras Nautical Club was founded in 1929. The training at that time took place at sea, based on a barge with an awning, a diver and a little later moved on the pier of Agiou Nikolaou. In 1930, its panhellenic course begins with participations in respective competitions and 2 years later comes the first distinctions in swimming and water polo. Today, NOP, having lots of historical successes in its action, has its own open-air swimming pool, water polo, swimming, sailing, academies and camp sections. There are also adult swimming sections in the 2 swimming pools of the city.

Swimming pool, Akti Dimaion
  • Phone: +30 2610 317766
Swimming pool, A.Pepanos


Ναυταθλητική Ένωση Πατρών, ΝΕΠThe Nautical Athletic Association of Patras (NEP) was introduced in 2005 from the merger of two sports clubs of Patras, the TRIUMPH OF PATRAS and the POSEIDON OF PATRAS. The aim was to strengthen the regional teams in the country’s wet track, both in water polo and swimming. In addition to distinctions in water polo and swimming, NEP is also active in badminton, chess and basketball. The headquarters of the association is the National Swimming Pool “A. Pepanos “.

  • Phone: +30 2614 000973, +30 6983909097, +30 6977711922
  • e-mail: [email protected]
  • Address: 91-93 Patron – Claus, Patras
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Patras Cycling Club

Ποσηλατικός όμιλος Πατρών

Founded in 1971, the Patras cycling group has been a leader at the local and national level. It played a leading role in the creation of the Hellenic Cycling Federation (EOP) in 1973. It has several awards, athletes who have distinguished themselves in the history of cycling and an immovable academy since 2002. This Cycling Club presents a strong social face with charitable and voluntary events and participation, events mass sports and take the initiative to upgrade the bicycle as a means of movement and sport together with local authorities.