Churches in Patras

In Patras you will find majestic temples and Orthodox monuments in every neighborhood. In many cases they even define the name of the wider area. Some of the temples stand out for their long history but also their social and charitable work and reach many believers and visitors. Outside the city, in a short distance, you will find monasteries and convents with a long history and cultural offer.

Agios Andreas

Ναός Αγίου Ανδρέα Πάτρα

The old church was built around the end of the 5th century BC, in royal style on the ruins of the Ancient Temple of

Goddess Dimitra. To the right of the entrance of the church, there is a well in the pre-existing source of the temple of Dimitra, a place where the Apostle Andreas was teaching. Throughout history it suffered great damage and remained in ruins until 1836-1843 where it was rebuilt and operates to this day. The new imposing church, right next door, is of Byzantine style, its construction began in 1908 and its inauguration took place in 1974. It is the largest orthodox church and is estimated at 2200 sq.m. with the ability to church up to 8000 believers inside. Over the central dome stands a cross 5 meters high and around it, in 12 smaller domes respectively 12 crosses that symbolize Jesus and his Apostles. In 1964, from the Basilica of St. Peter in Rome with a solemn ceremony were given to a special reliquary, part of the Holy relics of the Apostle Andrew as well as parts of the cross he martyred. The feast of St. Andrew is on November 30 where a glorious service and procession takes place in the city center.

For visits and the best service and for large groups, contact the Priest of the Temple to plan your visit. A souvenir shop also operates next to the temple.

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Mitropoli, Evangelistria

The church is located in the center of the city and was the first public building in the new city of Patras. It was founded in 1842 and inaugurated in 1846. It has a three-aisled royal style with a tiled roof. The design of the roof of the church is the work of the German architect Ziller while all the decoration, the clock, the carved wood carvings and the whole interior of the church are of unique aesthetics, donations of great past benefactors. The peculiarities of the Temple include the fact that the decoration includes ornately carved frames with oil paintings that are described as western copies.


Ναός Παντοκράτορα Πάτρα

The construction of the old Temple is estimated around 900 AD, in the ruins of the Temple of Olympian Zeus. During its history, it became a Catholic, a mosque and a hospital. Its lead-covered roof played its part in the revolution in 1821 since the first missiles used were from the Temple’s lead roof. The current Church took shape at the end of the revolution and began its operation in 1840 with plans of the Holy Agia Sophia in Istanbul. In 1951, all the domes in the whole roof were copper-plated, mainly for reasons of insulation from moisture.

Katholic Church

With the presence of the Catholics in Patras dating back to the 13th century and after several attempts to create their own Church, I. Kapodistrias, at the urging of the then French consul, offers the plot where the new Church is built today. In 1838, the first large church was founded and built under the leadership of the Catholic Bishop of Syros, which then belonged to Patras, until 1925, when the new one was built with parallel works and the old one was demolished. The historic Catholic Community of Patras, together with the costs of repairs of the modern Church after the earthquake of 1993, has always covered the costs of construction, maintenance and repairs of its parish. Today the Catholic Church operates with intense activity and work covers the Catholic community of the city as well as several visitors.


Monasteries and Convents

Nearby from Patras you will find monasteries and convents of special interest that are an attraction for thousands of visitors.

Holy Monastery of Mega Spilaio

Μέγα Σπήλαιο, Καλάβρυτα

This is one of the oldest and most historic monasteries in Greece, located at a distance of 11 km. from the city of Kalavrita, built on the rocks of Helmos mountain. According to tradition, after the discovery of the Icon of the Virgin Mary, made by the Evangelist Luke, in a cave at this point, the holy monastery was built. Several relics, hagiographies and a large volume of books and manuscripts are available, highlighting the cultural richness of Orthodoxy.




Holy Monastery of Oblos

Ιερά Μονή Ομπλού ΠάτραAt a distance of 15km from Patras and at an altitude of about 850m, in the area of Krini. The monastery was founded in 1315 and took its name from the word “Obile” as called the Virgin by the Arvanite inhabitants of the area. In its long history, it was destroyed and rebuilt several times during the failed rebellion of 1770 and 1821 against the Turks and then in World War II with the German invasion. The monastery belongs to the Holy Metropolis of Patras and is honored at the Entrances of the Virgin Mary on November 21.

  • Address: Oblos, 265 00 Patras
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Holy Monastery of Agia Lavra

At a distance of 6 km from Kalavrita, is also the historic Monastery of Agia Lavra which was founded in 961 BC. According to history, the raising of the Banner of the Revolution and the swearing in of the fighters by the Old Patras Germanos took place there. In the Monastery, apart from the Banner of the Revolution of 1821, many other relics are kept, the chariot of Agios Alexios, relics of Saints, Gospel manuscripts and other Byzantine finds.



Panagia Tripiti 
Παναγία Τρυπητή ΑίγιοOne of the most beautiful and original religious monuments of Greece, Panagia Tripiti, is located on the beach of Aigio, built on a steep cliff 30m high. from the surface of the sea, inside a Cave (hole). Tradition states that in 1550 AD. a shipwrecked man searching for land saw a light in a hole in the rock that eventually led him to the image of the Virgin Mary.

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