Conference & Cultural Center of the University

Συνεδριακό και πολιτιστικό κέντρο Πανεπιστημίου Πατρών

The development of the cultural life of Patras owes a lot to this center of the University of Patras. The specific objectives of the SPK of the University of Patras are to host conferences, symposia and seminars, music, theater and other high level cultural events. The venues are available, upon request, to other bodies for the organization of similar events, according to its regulations. To date, hundreds of events have been hosted in the space which is designed with international standards and equipped with modern technological equipment.

Kostis Palamas House

Σπίτι Κωστή Παλαμά Πάτρα

The house that Kostis Palamas was born in 1859 in Patras at 241 Korinthou Street was bought and renovated thanks to the great offer of the Greek-American businessman Athanasios Stefanopoulos. Today under the management of the institution «Cultural Center of Kostis Palamas»  operates as a museum of literature, library and space for cultural events and at the same time thematic tours and organized visits are carried out after consultation.


  • Address: 241, Korinthou st, 262 21 Patra
  • Phone :    +30 2616 007301 – +30 6944561335 – +30 6945745401 – +30 6947382401   
  • e-mail: [email protected]
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Public Library

Δημοτική βιβλιοθήκη Πάτρα

With a long history since 1908, the Municipal Library of Patras numbers over 200,000 volumes of books, 853 titles of magazines and Government Gazettes since 1830 and series of Patras type since 1948. Most of them are the result of donations and it also has a section of valuable books and documents.



Public Gallery

Δημοτική πινακοθήκη ΠάτραIt was founded in 1988 and its purpose is art education and aesthetic education, through its exhibitions, parallel events and educational programs. From time to time it hosts retrospective exhibitions of painting, engraving, sculpture, photography and all modern forms of artistic expression. The work of the Municipal Gallery is completed by the educational programs with guided tours by scientific staff mainly to students of Primary and Secondary Education schools.

Helenic Diaspora

The Hellenic Diaspora Foundation hosts hundreds of paintings, sculptures and installations. His rooms collect works, sculptures, paintings, installations of artists of the Greek Diaspora, many of which the action has been rarely shown in our country, but also well-known Greek artists who lived or studied in Europe and America. The Foundation is housed in an area of ​​2500 square meters and consists of three buildings as well as an outdoor area, specially designed for the placement of large projects. The place is open to the general public, guided tours are available by appointment by phone

Palaia Sfageia

Palaia Sfageia were built in 1903 in Akti Dymaion, an unusual building with influences from the Central European industrial architecture. The stone building complex occupies an area of ​​20 acres with a large main building framed by other smaller ones that house auxiliary spaces and offices. Their operation as slaughterhouses ceased in 1995 and later they were transformed into “Polychoro” with a theatrical stage, cafe, brewery, conference room, hosted weddings, baptisms and open concerts and even housed a radio station.
Παλαιά σφαγεία Πατρών

Today, under the SPARC project (“Creativity Hubs for Sustainable Development through the VAloRization of Cultural Heritage Assets”) which is funded by the Operational Program of European Territorial Cooperation Greece-Italy 2014-2020, the multi-space design agreement was reached with the aim of promoting the Carnival and Karagiozis. According to the study, there will be activities of entertainment, play, creative employment and training, while the configuration will include places for the promotion of the Patras Carnival, promotion of the story of Karagiozis and presentation of the working style of the creator of Karagiozis figures, presentation of carnival creations, creative children events and periodic exhibitions.

  • Address: 84, Akti Dimaion, 263 33 Patra
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aigli-vesomare-patraAigli, Cultural Center of the Municipality of Patras is part of its building complex of Veso Mare. Hosts cultural events, exhibitions, concerts, events etc. Veso Mare is an entertainment center with shops, cafes, movie theaters and drinks and food shops. It has parking spaces around the building and a 2-level underground car park.


  • Address: 17, Akti Dimaion, 262 22 Patra
  • Phone: +30 2610 362030
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Agora Argiri

Πολυχώρος Αγορά Αργύρη Πάτρα

The Agora Argyri is located in the center of the city and is a multi-purpose reception, traffic and information center for visitors to the city. It has a conference center with a capacity of 180 people, 8 exhibition rooms and a patio. The rooms are available for a variety of cultural events, exhibitions, workshops, lectures, seminars, conferences, book presentations, cultural workshops, concerts, screenings, music, performances and any other similar event.


Palaio Nosokomeio

Παλαιό Δημοτικό Νοσοκομείο Πατρών, μουσείο λαϊκής τέχνηςNeoclassical building of the Danish architect CH.E.Hansen, which operated as a hospital from 1872 until 1973. Today it functions as a Cultural Multicenter of the Municipality of Patras with intense activity.

  • Address: 2 Korillou sq, 262 25 Patra
  • Phone: +30 2610 390910, +30 2610 278206
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Royal Theater

Royal Theater Πατρα, παλαιό Πτωχοκομείο

In Akti Dymaion st, the area of the old Patras Poorhouse, has now been renamed to Royal Theater. After the renovation of the building and the surrounding area, it hosts a large music and theater stage that can be converted into a lecture or conference room, the gallery rooms and the Bar Restaurant on the 1st floor. In the garden, mainly during the summer and spring months, a multi-cultural, corporate events and entertainment space is formed, with high-tech facilities.