Patras has a great history and contribution in arts and culture. The Carnival with the first carnival dance to be recorded in 1829 in the house of the merchant of Patras Moretis, the Philharmonic Society – Conservatory of Patras since 1892, the International Festival of Patras since 1986, the Roman Odeon as the seat of thousands of theatrical and musical performances, DIPETHE Patras (Municipal & Regional Theatre) since 1989 with its main stage the “Apollo Theater”, dozens of theatrical professional and amateur groups, music groups, the thousands of students who every year bring along fresh ideas and cultural breath and many other institutions, events and initiatives write city’s cultural history. Patras has a remarkable number of theatrical stages with intense artistic activity while during the summer months several musical meetings and concerts are hosted in the small open theaters in the marina, in Krini theater, in the Old Hospital, in the castle and in organized open spaces.

Places and monuments document the past and promise the future of this city’s culture. The only requirement is to maintain, respect and fill these spaces.