Winter destinations near Patras


KalavritaA town in on the mountains of Achaia at an altitude of 735 meters with a long history during the Nazi period. Today it is a pole of attraction for thousands of tourists, especially during the winter season. Natural beauty, traditional local products, many hostels and hotels and several attractions make up a remarkable destination. In a close distance, visit the Kalavrita Ski Center, the monasteries of Agia Lavra and Mega Spilaio, the Cave of the Lakes, the canyon of Vouraikos, the famous odontotos railway etc.




Ano Chora, Nafpaktia

Ano Chora, perched at about 1050 meters on the slopes of Vardousia, is a beautiful destination about 2 hours drive from Patras, with an option for a stop in Nafpaktos for coffee or ouzo at the old port. The beauty of nature with fir trees, chestnut trees and countless sources of drinking water as well as tourist infrastructure with hotels, guesthouses and restaurants, offers ideal conditions for escape.

In 1930 it was renamed from “Great Lobotina” and was a great spiritual center with the School of Lobotina during the Turkish occupation. In the center of the village, the paved streets attract interest in the Church of Agia Paraskevi, built around 1918 and the old bus “Carnival” with the rounded body, which connected Ano with Kato Chora until the early 80s.

In the village and the wider area, many events are organized throughout the year with the most famous being the chestnut and tsipouro festival in October, the mushroom month in November, the Tsiagarithra festival in February. Depending on the weather conditions there are organized proposals for rafting, mountain biking, routes and paths for walking as well as 4×4 as well as the KRAVARA Park which is a private initiative with options for activities in nature for the whole family.

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Mountainous Korinthia – Ziria

The nature of mountains of Corinthia is rich and offers many destinations and options for activities. The slopes of Mount Kyllini are fir-covered and host two lakes and many picturesque villages. At a distance of about 12 kilometers from the settlement of Ano Trikala is the main destination, the Ziria Ski Center with 2 litfts, chalets and many snow activities for the first steps of beginners and new skiers. Mountain routes and many trails start and end from the plateau at an altitude of 1500 meters. In the summer, festivals are hosted with accommodation in tents, music and mountain activities as well as organized sports activities such as mountain marathons and cycling races.

The two lakes that deserve your attention are the small lake Dasiou and the artificial lake Doxa, formed by the Feneos-Doxa dam in the waters of the river Olvios. Try the perimeter route of Lake Doxa, visit Ancient Feneos and the monastery of Agios Georgios! Also of interest is the monastery of Agios Vlasios from where starts a path through the dense forest.

In Trikala, Kato, Mesaia and Ano, you will find several accommodation, tourist infrastructure and restaurants. Kato Trikala maintains an aesthetic with a stone-built square, perennial plane trees and small circular walking routes.

With 4×4 also try the route from Kiato ors, the plain of Stymphalia or to the village of Goura, crossing the plateau of Skafidia and the forest of Mavrou Loggos.

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Arcadia – Mainalo

The massif of Mainalo occupies the center of Peloponnese and a large part of the prefecture of Arcadia. It extends from the plateau of Tripoli to the river Lousios in the west and from Megalopolis to Lake Ladonas in the north. On its slopes, live stately traditional villages with great history and high architectural aesthetics, while the rich nature harmoniously frames the landscape.

The wider area has many well-known villages such as Magouliana, Vlacherna, Vytina, Dimitsana, Karytaina, Stemnitsa and Limpovisi as well as Elliniko, Kosmas, Alonistaina, Lagadia as well as well-known rivers such as Lousios Alpheus, Eurotas, Ladonas and Neda. The Monastery of Prodromos or Holy Monastery of Timios Prodromos, literally perched on a vertical rock in the gorge of the river Lousios, according to tradition, dates back to the middle of the 12th century and is offered as an ideal choice for walking near the river and the gorge. Arcadia is also famous for its gastronomic choices with many traditional dishes, taverns in picturesque landscapes and cafes in central squares of historical villages.

The wider area of Arcadia, with rich history, mythological elements and natural beauty is ideal for mild and intense sports activities since many companies operate a website for rafting, canyoning, cycling, hiking etc. The ski resort of Mainalo at 1600 meters, one of the oldest in Greece, with 3 lifts and 7 slopes and chalets gives the opportunity for skiing and winter activities, just a few minutes from the nearby villages.

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At 1100 meters, drowned in fir and chestnut trees, with running waters from the ravines that surround it, Zarouchla is a destination with rich nature and high aesthetics.

The wanderings in the village with the tower houses and the hiking routes of the area with the most famous towards the top Livadaki at 1800 meters, offer moments of wellness and relaxation. The activities, the altitude and the fresh air will whet your appetite and that is what the taverns and cafes with traditional dishes and local products will take care of.

In 15 minutes there is also Lake Tsivlou, at about 800 meters altitude, as a result of a landslide in 1913 where the bed of the river Krathis was blocked and half of the village of Tsivlos sank. Today a landscape of unique beauty has been created that gives the opportunity for any kind of activity while the surrounding taverns cover the needs of food and coffee. If you manage to see the landscape snowy, the picture will remain etched forever, but if you visit it during the summer months, dare to swim in its waters.

The nearby villages of Agia Varvara, Solos, Mesorrougi, Peristera, Chalkianika and Vounaki are worth a visit to appreciate the authentic mountain village. The whole area is under the shade of Mount Helmos, which gives you the opportunity to make an excursion to the Ski Center, if you first make sure that the road is open, but a mountaineering route to the Waters of the Styx at 2,100 meters, the mythical spring where Achilles was baptized and given immortality.

Also a beautiful route is the one that connects Zarouchla with Feneos crossing the fir forest and ending at the plain of Feneos and Lake Doxa, with the possibility of touring throughout mountainous Corinthia, Ziria and Trikala of Corinth

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