First Year Student in Patras

You succeeded in the university of Patras? Good choice!

It is estimated that every year the city welcomes about 4,000-5,000 new students and that in total they reach 50,000-55,000. The city is enriched with new ideas and energy. The two institutions are located exactly opposite to the city center. The University of Patras  is located on the University Campus in Rio next to the University Hospital, more  isolated compared to the University of Peloponnese  (former TEI) right on the other side of the city in the area of Koukouli where around it at a short distance there are all the infrastructure to live.

The majority of students choose to have fun and stay in the city center, resulting in “flooding” of streets, cafes, stairs, taverns and reading rooms. In the summer, after exam period, do stay in Patras. Visit as many beaches as you can and have fun in the summer restaurant, bars, coffees in Rio, Vrachneika and all over the seaside front of almost all of Achaia prefecture. Summer destinations in the Ionian Islands and throughout the Region of Western Greece and the Peloponnese are more easily accessible from Patras.

University of Patras, from 2022, organizes a festival to welcome new students. Welcome to UP_fest takes place in Patras, Agrinio, Messolonghi in October every year with a series of events and activities as well as benefits through shops and sponsors. During the festival you will meet information booths, you will have contacts with groups, structures and actions, guided tours and walks, big concerts, film screenings, music and live broadcasts from UP FM and many activities. Stay tuned!


Accommodation in Patras for students

As far as your stay is concerned, things are as follows: Whether you choose to stay close to your educational institution or in the city center. This means that either you arrive with ease and speed at your classes and workshops or you arrive on time at the appointment with the others before the beer warms up or your coffee cools down. In case you wish to stay in a dormitory or you have your own means of transport, then things change.

For the University of Peloponnese, the choices in the surrounding area within walking distance are many: rents at the gates, rents at the entrances of apartment buildings, on columns and walls, by word of mouth and through real estate agencies. Very close you will also find markets, supermarket, coffee, food and anything you need. The other option is the area to the center or even the city center. By your own mean of transportation the choice is yours. Ideal areas relatively close to the University of Peloponnese with easy parking are Psila Alonia and the upper town along Germanou st, choose the center up to Papaflessa Street and choose line 2 of the urban buses (KTEL) or center and Psila Alona with line 7 and 8 of the urban KTEL.

Information about the dormitory of the University of Peloponnese

The University of Patras is relatively isolated. Within walking distance it is rather difficult to find accommodation or dining facilities. Ideally the car is very helpful. In this case you have a wide palette of options depending on your intentions and your pocket. The closest areas where again the means of transport is necessary are Rio, Kastelokampos and along Panepistimiou Street where you can find several accommodation options. The urban buses (KTEL) connects the center with lines 6 and 9 so the areas traveled by the buses are an option for accommodation with the most popular being the area of Agia Sophia. Also, the Suburban railway serves the stop Kastelokampos from where there is a bus connection to the University Campus.

Information about the dormitory of the University of Patras

In the city center there are two private student dormitories with furnished apartments only for  university and ERASMUS students.

Real Estate Site

Real Estate Agencies

Some of the most well-known real estate agencies that can help you in the search for your student residence. Do not forget to do a good search for the area you choose and that the final choice is yours.

  • PANAGOPOULOS REAL ESTATE, Kanakari 178, 262 21, Website, +30 2610 224669, +30 6949477229 –  panag66@com
  • DOMUS Hellas REAL  ESTATE,28, V. Georgiou A’ Sq., Center, 262 21,  Website,+30 2610 335934, +30 6936945754
  • KOPANITSANOS REAL ESTATE,3, V. Georgiou A ́ Sq., Center, 262 21,  Website,+30 2610 225500, +30 6977613000 –  admin@gr
  • IATROU REAL ESTATE, 71A, 25th Martiou St., 262 25, Website,  +30 2610 340227, +30 6936149421 –  iatrosmesitiki@com
  • TZELI REAL ESTATE,  Philopoimenos 4-6, 262 21,  Website,+30 2611 810420
  • INTRUST REAL ESTATE, 90 Othonos & Amalias Ave. 90 Miaouli & Miaouli 90, Center, 262 22,  Website, +30 2610 311811 –
  • SMART DEAL REAL ESTATE, Evmilou 14, 262 22, Website, +30 2610 342300 – [email protected]
  • GREEK COAST REAL ESTATE, Korinthou 162, 262 23, Website, +30 2610 222005 – [email protected]
  • PAPATHEODOROU Real Estate Agency, Maizonos 131 and Patreos, 262 21, Website, +30 2610 220460 –


Student life in Patras

Food and Entertainment

Πεζόδρομος Ηφαίστου Πάτρα

Whatever the student asks for, he will find it in the student city of Patras. Apart from the well-known pedestrian streets in the center: Riga Feraiou, Agiou Nikolaou, Pantanassis, Trion Navarchon, Gerokostopoulou and Hephaestus where you will find everything that you wish, try also the upper part of Patreos st. for coffee, beer, drink and breakfast/brunch, Partheniou st for musical taverns, Kapodistriou Square for coffee or tsipouro mezedes, Psila Alonia, coffee in Molos of Agiou Nikolaou, in Faros, in the Marina and Veso Mare, the Santa  Rosa sq.  and Dasyllio with its all-day  café bar.

In the summer, the choices in the city remain the same although city traffic drops. Either from noon or in the evening, enjoy the beach, coffee, drink and food near the sea of Rio and Vrachneika. Try also: Kastelopkampos, Agios Vasilios, Rodini and even further Selianitika and Logos or to the other side Kato Achaia.

In any case, going to or returning to these destinations and wandering around the city and its beaches you will find dozens of places that will satisfy your requirements. Hidden beaches, ouzeries by the sea, cocktails with views, bars for a few fine tsipouro mezedes, traditional cafes and cafes of high quality.